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ACT - Raising Safe Kids

ACT - Raising Safe Kids

1:1 Parenting Class

Length: 18 hours

Time: Anytime

Location: Anywhere*

Cost: $340 for the course

*Additional Travel Fees May Apply


Group Parenting Class

Length: 18 hours

Time: See schedule

Location: TBA

Cost: Covered


This parenting class is ideal for parents with children between the ages of 0 and 10. It is an 18 hour long course that has been broken into 9 - 2 hour long weekly meeting.  If you have any questions please send us a message.


Week 1: Pre-program Meeting Plan


Week 2: Understanding Your Children's Behaviors


Week 3: Young Children's Exposure to Violence


Week 4: Understanding and Controlling Parents' Anger


Week 5: Understanding and Helping Angry Children


Week 6: Children and Electronic Media


Week 7: Discipline and Parenting Styles


Week 8: Discipline for Positive Behaviors


Week 9: Taking the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program with You

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