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ACT - Raising Safe Kids

1:1 Parenting Class - Available upon request! Please Call or Email

  • 2 hr
  • $350 for the course
  • *Additional Travel Fees May Apply

Service Description

The ACT Raising Safe Kids Program goal is to educate parents, caregivers and communities to create safe, healthy, nurturing, stable, environments, that protect children and youth from violence and its consequences. Ruby Shines runs a 10 week course with each session being about 2 hours long. This course comes with the ACT Raising Safe Kids official Handbook and may include in home train if you would like additional assistants. Week 1: Pre-program Meeting Plan Week 2: Session 1 - Understanding Your Children's Behaviors Week 3: Session 2 - Young Children's Exposure to Violence Week 4: Session 3 - Understanding and Controlling Parents' Anger Week 5: Session 4 - Understanding and Helping Angry Children Week 6: Session 5 - Children and Electronic Media Week 7: Session 6 - Discipline and Parenting Styles Week 8: Session 7 - Discipline for Positive Behaviors Week 9: Session 8 - Taking the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program with You Available upon request! Please Call or Email.

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